25th May 2017

Fate essay

Fate and Coincidences in Romeo and Juliet, Written by William Shakespeare.

A long ancient feud between two families, montagues and Capulet, disrupts the city of Verona and causing tragedy between two star-crossed lovers, they fell in love at first sight in a party consequently, but however cannot publicly announce it. In this story written by william Shakespeare fate and coincidence is brought up multiple times to bind the story together, this is a way god plans to end things, this can be a good or/and bad thing, there is no way to get rid of this it just happens to be apart of your life.Shakespeare also uses metaphors often in all of his book and stories, in Romeo and juliet for example he tells the whole story to the audience in the prologue and what’s going to happen. eg.”a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life”, once it is said it is sealed, that is the power of fate, this made the audience question the ability to take over or change their fate. fate is continuously brought up in the story ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in a way to make others believe that god is controlling their lives and they have to end in tragedy (death).

Metaphor: a metaphor is when you use a ‘figure of speech’ and apply it to an object/action that can’t (in reality) be applied, shakespeare example: act 1 scene 3 lady Capulet is describing Paris as a book “this precious book of love, this unbound lover!”

 Fate is similar to destiny because we cannot change it, your future is predetermined, and you have to follow the same path for the rest of your life. example it is fate for the two star-crossed lovers to die because in the prologue the fate for their end has been set “a pair of star-crossed take their life” and the families would come together because of their deaths, “which but their children’s end nought could remove”. the prologue is the fate of Romeo and Juliet in a poem, at the end of the poem it reads “what here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend” meaning what you didn’t understand here, it will all unveil in the play/story. Since we already what’s going to happen during the story this makes the audience hope that the ending will change and they will live happily together, but once it is said it cannot change and has to be done.
Coincidence: Juliet’s parents want her to marry paris but she is already married to Romeo (although they don’t know that) act 1 scene 5 she says to lady Capulet “my grave be my wedding bed” meaning she would rather kill herself than marry Paris, the day before the wedding they find her dead thinking she poisoned herself, and committed suicide, when really it was a plan to run away with Romeo.
Premonitions : a premonition is when you have a strong feeling that something (mainly bad) is about to happen. Romeo and Juliet both have hallucinations about one another’s death, “i dreamt my lady found me dead”- Romeo

Example: having met each other in a party, (hosted by the enemies), because a man they sent out to do the invites was unable to read, only to have found Romeo, who then invites himself, not knowing that he would find the love of his life, and start the path to his and her untimely deaths. “…My master is the great rich Capulet, and if you be not of the house of montagues, i pray come and crush a cup of wine…”

example 2: they do not want to be recognised from hatred between the two houses, also Romeo and juliet are not meant to be in love “my only love sprung from my only hate!”-Romeo “…that i must love a loathed enemy”-Juliet.

Example 3: Friar Lawrence is supposed to send a letter to Romeo saying Juliet is not dead but only a plan so they can run away together and be happy, but the story is set for things to only end bad, so the letter is missed and Romeo doesn’t receive it, so when he is told she has died, he believes it. “…her body sleeps in the capel’s monument…”

example 4: Romeo is lying next to Juliet, who he thinks is dead, and only seconds away from her waking, he ends his life just as she wakes and she ends her life, then they could’ve lived happily if he just waited a couple of seconds.

coincidence 2: Juliet’s parents want her to marry paris but she is already married to Romeo (although they don’t know that) she says to lady Capulet ”





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  1. There are some good ideas in this draft and I especially like the points where you introduce examples from the play that we haven’t dealt with extensively in class.

    The area for development is in the construction of each paragraph. Sometimes it’s hard to work out what you’re trying to say because sometimes the information you’re including isn’t organised in a clear format.

    Have another look at the sample paragraph on the class website and pay particular attention to the Statement, Example, Explanation formula for structuring each body paragraph. You will need to include a specific quotation from the play in every one of them.

    Also make sure each paragraph starts with a statement explaining how the feature or event that you’ve selected helps us understand the action of fate in the play.

    I look forward to watching as this develops.


  2. It’s a shame this was left incomplete, Neva.

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    Writing: 4B


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