10th March 2017

act 1 scene 5

setting: at the Capulet’s party

three serving men are working helping host the party cousin Capulet and capulet are talking about ‘back in the day’ how handsome they were around 30-35 years ago, Capulet asks the ladies to dance but they deny and he says it must be because all ladies have corns. Tybolt hears Romeo’s voice and tells Capulet but Capulet says to leave him alone because he doesn’t want to ruin his party and he doesn’t want to start a fight, romeo finds juliet, they start kissing and talking about singing (about kissing each other). juliet thinks she is in love with romeo and asks the nurse who he is and if he is married, the nurse replies with he is romeo and he is your enemy (a montague) and she says “if he be married, my grave be my wedding bed” basicly meaning she wants to marry him. ‘juliet’s love has sprung from her only hate’


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