11th August 2017


you stand breathless. literally, all the air inside of your lungs are being slowly dragged out, so is the person next to you and so on, their lungs are being emptied slowly, they know but they aren’t doing anything about it. the scent of artificial pine trees, which are nowhere in sight linger aimlessly around, nobody notices it because they’re probably too busy admiring the large grey buildings. smoke is blanketing the ground, small fires are scattered like fleas around the town, not a single patch of grass is sighted, the water supply is running low.. no one is worried about the wall surrounding them.the urge to climb the wall and run is strong.The people inside live in fear of the outside world because of the tales told to us. Although ruined the houses are placed cleanly like a rusty sheet of metal, and the single road that is wormed through the houses is railed with stone walls about metre high, which doesn’t change anything because there are no cars, and nothing to stop from getting over the walls, there are barely even people, this is the everyday life of the 7% left

honestly the yelling and  screaming keeps me from going insane, the silence would kill me, worry me. although there aren’t many people not many of us know each other. we keep to ourselves and mind our own business. it seems like everyday that this town gets more depressed, even the weather, fog has started to trap us, somehow lead us to our biggest fear….Death. its a bit like everybody has lost all feeling and emotion, a bit like  robots trapped in a box of regret and sadness.

its getting worse by the minute, people have gone missing, some even dropping like flies right in front of us, somehow we’ve learnt to live with the whole dying thing, to deal with losing a loved one, or watching one suffer. it doesn’t pass my mind that i have no one left,no family, friends, barely any neighbors. for some reason i dont care. The shortage on food is rapidly decreasing and there seems to be no water left, there’s not long before we’re all extinct.

we only have two choices, Climb or die, many of us decided to figure out how to get over this thing, whilst other lay on the ground waiting for death himself to drag them into the unknown void we call death. we start to come up with a strategy. we’ve all gathered supplies and other useful objects. we decided to scout around the perimeter of the wall to find any cracks, caves or crevices. within days there aren’t many left but we finally find something, a small gape through the concrete, found upon the top of a hill near what used to be a waterfall I guess, we peek through before noticing there’s nothing to step on to, there’s no solid ground, there’s nothing. its a while before I notice were not part of the what was once named earth, i have no memory of why or how this happen, we are just a mere slice of the planet, we cant even look to see whats beneath us because the clouds block all important vision, blocking our only hope to ever find civilization and to save ourselves.








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  1. you need to start with capital letters

  2. U need to use fronted prepostion like use behind,around at the start of your sentence and also noun phrase when you use a word or group of words containing a noun and functioning in a sentence as subject, object, or prepositional object.Also relating to or functioning as an adverb or adverbial for the adverbial.also a Relative clauses are clauses starting with the relative pronouns who*, that, which, whose, where, when.


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