Fate and Coincidences in Romeo and Juliet, Written by William Shakespeare. A long ancient feud between two families, montagues and Capulet, disrupts the city of Verona and causing tragedy between two star-crossed lovers, they fell in love at first sight in a party consequently, but however cannot publicly announce it. In this story written by […]

Romeo doesnt get the news about Juliets fake death, he goes to find her in the vault and finds her dead and thinks that the only way they can meet in heaven is to kill himself, after fighting his way to her he pulls out the poison and slowly lifts it to his mouth as […]

Verona; Friar lawrence’s cell Friar lawrence, friar john Friar lawrence is now aware that romeo has not received the message of Juliet’s fake death and goes to the Capulet’s vault.

Wednesday; Mantua Romeo, Balthasar, Apothecary Romeo is told that Juliet is dead and he goes to the Pharmasist to buy pills to kill him self, he plans to kill himself at Juliets grave.

wednesday morning; Capulets house Lady capulet, capulet, Nurse, second servingman, peter, musicians, they find Juliet dead in her bed in the morning while the nurse has come to wake her, Lady capulet has been called to the room and is now calling for help, Capulet is also called into the room and makes sure she […]

Tuesday afternoon; Capulet’s house Lady capulet,father, nurse, serving men. Capulet had decided to have an early party for His daughter for her wedding, juliet pretends that she is willing to marry Paris to make her parents happy and make them trust her, because the wedding had been put forward a day by her father. she […]

Tuesday Morning; Friar lawrence’s cell. Friar Lawrence, Paris, Juliet. Paris talks to Friar lawrence about the marriage while trying to think of a solution to Juliet’s problem with the marriage and Romeo, Paris tries to kiss her but is rejected (because she is already married), she would rather kill herself than marry Paris. Friar gives […]