an example of a metaphor that occurs is:  And she steal love’s sweet bait from fearful hooks a metaphor conveys

  it is so dark i hear a noise i was a bark it had my toy it ran into the park i come across a boy and his name was clark he was so filled with joy he had a pet shark he drank a bottle of soy            

you stand breathless. literally, all the air inside of your lungs are being slowly dragged out, so is the person next to you and so on, their lungs are being emptied slowly, they know but they aren’t doing anything about it. the scent of artificial pine trees, which are nowhere in sight linger aimlessly around, […]

1)the street that was totally deserted smelt of decaying food. 2)the man who beckoned for me to join him walked down the middle of the road. 3) who was 39 and had a varicose ulcer above his right ankle.      

placed in the centre is a large building with a guarded bridge, between the barriers stand the police breathing heavily amongst their chatter, the dogs barking echos are the only thing making a noticeable noise,which not even the water whispers,beyond the building is a dark lonely town with mist crawling up the walls giving the […]

i didnt want to do this, neither of us wanted to do this, we wanted to be transported into an unknown location, we thought that this was the only way, beyond the empty roads were danger, this night felt endless,”we just want to help” the man said,shit,my choice came back to haunt me.

Fate and Coincidences in Romeo and Juliet, Written by William Shakespeare. A long ancient feud between two families, montagues and Capulet, disrupts the city of Verona and causing tragedy between two star-crossed lovers, they fell in love at first sight in a party consequently, but however cannot publicly announce it. In this story written by […]

Romeo doesnt get the news about Juliets fake death, he goes to find her in the vault and finds her dead and thinks that the only way they can meet in heaven is to kill himself, after fighting his way to her he pulls out the poison and slowly lifts it to his mouth as […]

Verona; Friar lawrence’s cell Friar lawrence, friar john Friar lawrence is now aware that romeo has not received the message of Juliet’s fake death and goes to the Capulet’s vault.